East Side Eatery Menu

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Breakfast & Brunches

Happy Hour


Add house guacamole, bacon or tofu for $2.00
Add chicken, tri-tip, carne asada, carnitas or prawns for $3.00
All salads available as side salads for $2.00 less

Side Salad
With choice of dressing. $4.50

Taos in the House Salad
Organic romaine, mesquite smoked Organic grass-fed tri-tip, roasted red bell peppers, fresh corn, queso fresco, tortilla strips. Tossed with Jalapeno Lime dressing. $13.75

Happy Valley Apple
Organic mixed greens, heirloom apples, candied walnuts, fried onions, raisins. Tossed with blue cheese dressing. $10.50

Organic romaine & house-made croutons, tossed with tomatoes, Caesar dressing or chipotle-Caesar dressing (both dressings contain anchovies). $10.25

The Taco Salad
Shredded romaine, fresh corn, Organic black beans, seared red bell peppers, Queso Fresco, and sliced avocado. Tossed with sour cream chipotle dressing. $11.50

Organic romaine, Organic black beans, Organic cucumber, tomatoes, queso fresco, radish, black olives & tortilla chips. Tossed with jalapeno-lime vinaigrette. $10.50


All pasta dishes are with choice of: Penne, Fettucini, Farfalle, or Gluten Free Quinoa linguini (add $1.00).
Sliced sourdough bread $.75

The Abyss
Fresh basil pesto and prawns sauteed with Parmesan. $12.50

Chicken Chipotle Alfredo
Seared chicken breast, choice of pasta, chipotle cream sauce, cilantro and chili powder. (or sub regular Alfredo on request) $12.50

Santa Barbara
Artichoke hearts, baby spinach, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, green onions, Parmesan & pepper jack cheese. $12.50


Wings – Choose choice of sauce
Mango-sambal, Nekkid, Dr. Jone’s Habanero en Fuego sauce, Frank’s Classic, or Smokey BBQ Sauce. Served with carrots, celery and choice of D-Rock’s *I.M.H.O.B.E. ranch or bleu cheese dressing. $9.25

Wing Wednesday $3.00 Off

Bucci’s Nachos
Corn tortillas baked with cheddar and pepper jack cheeses, Organic black beans, pico de gallo, olives, sour cream, jalapenos, and your choice of carnitas, carne asada, chicken, or house guacamole. $11.50
Don’s chili Add $2.00

Organic Veggies and Ranch
Organic broccoli, carrots, sliced cucumbers and celery with ranch. $4.50

Bacon-Wrapped Prawns
6 gulf prawns served with chipotle aioli. $10.50

Fried Calamari
Lightly breaded and served with “shakka” tar tar sauce and lemon wedges. $9.50

French Fries – $4.25
Sweet potato fries Add $1.00, Cheese $1.00, Add Bacon $1.00 or cheesy marinara Add $2.00, Don’s chili Add $3.00

Pizza Fries
Our version of bread sticks with Parmesan cheese and your choice of pesto, house marinara or chipotle pesto served on the side. $5.25

Fried Pickles
Served with french fries & D-Rock’s *I.M.H.O.B.E. ranch or bleu cheese dressing. $7.50

*I.M.H.O.B.E. (*In My Honest Opinion Best Ever)

House Specialties

2015 1st Place SC Clam Chowder Cook Off

Clam Chowder
“First Place Award Winning” renditions of a classic. Served with a sourdough roll.
New England Bowl $10.25 Cup $5.50

2014 Winner SC Chili Cook Off

Don’s Chili Con Carne
Bowl $10.25 Cup $5.50

Prawn and Bacon Mac
No description needed! Bowl $11.50 Cup $6.00

Chili Mac
Don’s meat chili, cheddar cheese sauce, elbow macaroni, green onions and sour cream.
Bowl $13.00 Cup $7.00

Frankie’s Famous Chicken Pozole
Chicken, hominey, onions, peppers in a spicy tomato broth. With avocado, tortilla chips, queso fresco and cilantro. Bowl $8.25 Cup $4.75

Ryan’s Bowl
Organic brown rice, seared Alaskan cod, green beans, broccoli, carrots, soy sesame glaze, cilantro. $11.99

Fish and Chips
Alaskan cod in our Santa Cruz Mountain Brewery Amber Ale beer batter. Served with “shakka” tar tar sauce, malt vinegar, lemon wedges and fries. $10.50

Fish Tacos
Two soft corn tortilla tacos with seared Alaskan cod, green cabbage, pico de gallo chipotle mayo, and lime. Served with a side of black beans. $10.75

Side of Ranch, BBQ, Blue Cheese add .50
Pesto, marinara, chipotle pesto add $1.00


Served with fries, soup, or side salad. (sweet potato fries add .50) (chili or chowder add $2.50)
Melinda’s gluten-free bread available for $2.00

Pleasure Burger
1/3 pound Braveheart Angus all natural beef patty, with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion & mayo on a sesame seed bun. $11.00
(extras—avocado, bacon, cheese, mushrooms, $1.00)

Spicy Muchacho Burger
1/3 pound angus all natural beef patty with guacamole, seared jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, bacon, chipotle mayo, lettuce and tomato. $12.99

Tri-Tip Sandwich
Mesquite smoked grass fed Organic Tri-tip, fried onions, tomato, romaine, chipotle mayo, and bbq sauce on a Ciabatta roll with choice of side. $12.50

The Cuban
Frankie’s famous Carnitas style pulled pork, ham, tomato, pickles, Swiss cheese and mayo on a sourdough roll. $11.50

Beef Brisket
House smoked beef brisket smothered in Frankie’s BBQ sauce with jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, and caramelized onions on a ciabatta roll. $11.50

Grilled Very Veggie
Avocado, onions, peppers, tomato, organic baby spinach, dijonnaise & jack cheese on a Ciabatta roll. $10.50

Rio Del Mar Chicken
Thin sliced chicken breast, pesto, provolone cheese, tomato, and mayo on a sourdough roll. $11.50

Wine Country Chicken
Thin-sliced grilled chicken, provolone cheese, balsamic-marinated onions, lettuce, tomato & dijonnaise on a Ciabatta roll. $11.50


12″ for price of 14″ gluten-free pizza available upon request or Vegan add $1.50

(All pizzas prepared with red sauce unless otherwise noted.)

PIZZA  10”  14”  18” 
Cheese $10.50 $13.95 $18.95
Pepperoni $12.25 $16.50 $23.25
Basil pesto generously applied
$12.75 $16.50 $23.95
Sweet Hawaiian
Canadian bacon & pineapple
$14.00 $17.70 $25.25
Pepperoni & fresh mushrooms
$14.00 $17.70 $25.25
No red sauce, spinach, feta, tomatoes & mozzarella cheese
$14.00 $21.95 $29.50
Tomatoes, red onions, red & green bells, mushrooms and black olives
$14.75 $19.00 $27.50
Juliet’s Garden
Pesto, feta, red onions, and red & green bells
$14.75 $21.95 $29.50
Artichoke hearts, tomatoes, feta, and black olives
$14.75 $21.95 $29.50
Meat Combo
Salami, pepperoni, Canadian bacon, and sausage
$15.00 $23.25 $31.50
Pleasure Combo
Sausage, pepperoni, salami, green bells, red onions, black olives, and mushrooms
$15.00 $23.25 $31.50
Santa Barbara
Mozzarella, Parmesan & pepper jack cheese,spinach, artichoke hearts, and green onions
$15.50 $28.25 $33.50
BBQ Chicken
Chicken in a semi-spicy BBQ sauce, pepper jack cheese, red onion, red & green bells, and pineapple
$17.00 $28.25 $33.50
The Hook
No Red Sauce, Double Canadian Bacon, pesto, tomatoes, feta and Parmesan Cheese
$17.00 $28.25 $33.50
Prawns sauteed in butter & garlic, mozzarella cheese & pesto with lemon slices
$18.00 $30.50 $36.75
Chipotle pesto & pineapple
$14.00 $17.75 $25.25
Canadian bacon, bacon, sausage, pepperoni, pepper jack & mozzarella cheese, and a tomato cream sauce
$18.00 $28.25 $33.50
Pesto-marinated chicken breast with garlic, red onions, and pepper jack & mozzarella cheese
$18.00 $28.25 $33.50
Chipotle pesto, pepperjack cheese, pineapple, bacon and tomato cream sauce
$17.00 $28.25 $33.50


Just like you’re around the camp fire.

Three toasted graham sandwiches with toasted marshmallow and melted chocolate in the middle. $3.75

Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae
1 house chocolate chip cookie, vanilla ice cream & house made chocolate sauce. $7.50

Doppel Chocolate Brownie
Served hot with two scoops of vanilla ice cream and house made chocolate sauce. $7.50

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Barq’s root beer, lemonade, Fanta orange. $2.75

Apple, orange, pomegranate, guava, or mango. $4.00

Other Beverages
Verve coffee, selected Numi hot teas, iced tea, milk, or hot chocolate. $2.75

Breakfast & Brunch

Breakfast is served until 2 p.m.

Eggs Your Way
Two Eggs
Served with toast or tortillas and potatoes or fruit. $9.00
Add a pancake or a slice of french toast $2.50
Add Canadian bacon, sausage, or bacon $2.50
Melinda’s gluten-free bread available for $2.00

(Can be prepared as an egg or tofu scramble, omelette or burrito)
Prepared with 3 Glaum cage-free eggs. Omelettes and scrambles served with toast, tortillas and potatoes or fruit. Burritos served with tortilla chips

Melinda’s gluten-free bread available for $2.00

The Michoacan
Chorizo, grilled red onions, black olives, salsa fresca, queso fresco & sour cream. $10.99

Olives, spinach, mushroom, artichoke hearts, grilled onions, tomatoes and jack cheese. $10.99

The Manlette
Bacon, sausage, chorizo, salsa, sour cream & cheddar cheese. $10.99

The Chiclette
Spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes & Monterey jack cheese. $10.99

The Point
Chorizo, black beans, eggs, sour cream, cheese & house salsa.
Veggie Point
(sub avocado for chorizo) $10.99

Decadent House Specials
Melinda’s gluten-free bread available for $2.00

Stuffed French Toast
Filled with seasonal fruit compote and topped with Tahitian vanilla-infused whipped cream & raspberry sauce. $10.50

Buttermilk Pancakes (Gluten-Free add $2.00)
1/2 order $5.50     Full order $7.50

Cinnamon Swirl French Toast (Gluten-Free add $2.00)
1/2 order (1 piece) $4.50     Full (2 pieces) $7.50

Toppings for Pancakes or French Toast: 
Tahitian Vanilla-infused Whipped Cream
Seasonal Fruit Compote
Dark Chocolate Chips
Crumbled Bacon
$1.25 each topping

One egg $2.50
House potatoes $3.75
Canadian bacon, sausage, or bacon $3.50
Side of sauteed vegetables, tofu, or fruit $3.50

Savory House Specials
Eggs Benedict
Our take on a classic with English muffin, Canadian bacon, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce and fresh parsley. Served with your choice of house potatoes or fruit. $11.50

Cuban Breakfast Sandwich
House carnitas, scrambled eggs, Canadian bacon, Swiss cheese, seared jalapenos and mayo. Served with your choice of house potatoes or fruit. $11.99

Brisket and Eggs
House hickory smoked brisket with bbq sauce, potatoes and eggs your way. Served with choice of toast or tortilla. $11.99

Carnitas Hash and Eggs
House carnitas and potatoes with Organic black beans, pico de gallo, jalapenos, sour cream, queso fresco, cilantro and eggs your way. $11.99

Chili and Eggs
A bowl of our award winning chili, shredded cheddar cheese, green onions, sour cream and two eggs your way. Served with choice of tortilla. $12.25

Huevos Rancheros
Two corn tortillas, layered with eggs your way, ranchero salsa, avocado & sour cream. Served with black beans. $10.99
Salvadoreno Style
(Sub two homemade Pupusas add $2.00)

Nasi Goreng (Indonesian Fried Rice)
Two eggs, organic brown rice, onions, chilies, garlic, sambal & kecap manis (contains shrimp). Served with choice of toast or tortillas. $10.99

Breakfast Beverages

The Mimosa Bar
Start with sparkling wine and add your choice of juice: orange, apple, guava, or pomegranate. (Evolution organic juices featured) $8.00

Happy Hour

Available 3pm-6pm Sunday – Thursday

Street Tacos
Two served with your choice of Carne Asada, Carnitas, Prawns, or Portobello and Black Bean. Onion, Cilantro and House Chili Arbol Salsa. $6.50

6 Wings
Mango-Sambal, Nekkid Dr. Jone’s Habanero en Fuego Sauce, Frank’s Classic or Smokey BBQ sauce. Served with Carrots, Celery, and your choice of D-Rock’s *I.M.H.O.B.E. Ranch or Bleu Cheese dressing. $6.25

Fried Calamari
Lightly breaded and served with “shakka” Tar Tar Sauce and Lemon Wedges. $7.00

Chili Cheese Fries
French Fries, topped with Don’s Famous Chili Con Carne, Shredded Cheddar Cheese, Sour Cream, and Green Onions. $6.50

Bucci’s Nachos
Corn Tortilla Chips, Cheddar and Pepper Jack Cheese, Organic Black Beans, Pico De Gallo, Olives, Sour Cream, Jalapenos, and your choice of Carnitas, Carne Asada, Chicken or House Guacamole.  $6.75

Fried Pickles
Served with French Fries and your choice of D-Rock’s *I.M.H.O.B.E. Ranch or Bleu Cheese dressing. $6.50

*I.M.H.O.B.E. (*In My Honest Opinion Best Ever)

DRAFT BEERS  12 oz. 16 oz. 20 oz. Pitcher
Santa Cruz Scrumpy Pomegranate Hard Cider  $5.50 $7.00
Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) $2 on Tuesdays! $3.00 $4.00 $15.00
Firestone Walker 805, Blonde Ale $4.50 $5.75 $18.00
Firestone Walker, Opal Saison $6.00 $7.50 $20.00
Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing Amber $5.50 $6.50 $20.00
Discretion Brewing “Uncle Dave’s” Rye IPA $5.75 $6.75 $20.00
Ballast Point Sculpin IPA $6.00 $7.00 $23.00
Fieldworks, Brewer’s Choice IPA $7.00 $9.00 $24.00
Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA $6.50 $7.50 $23.00